About Me

Hello friends!

I'm Jimin, the boss and artist behind Jimindraws. I’m just your average New Yorker trying to make my life more exciting by doing things that bring me joy, like drawing. In 2023, I saw a TikTok that changed my mindset: “fear is temporary, but regret is forever.” So after many years of top-notch, professional-level procrastination, I finally changed my wishful thinking into action and decided to open up my own shop. I’m so happy I get to share my cute and positive drawings with you all, and I’ve been having so much fun with it! Who knew mindless scrolling on social media would ever pay off? Thanks for shopping at my little store, and I hope my drawings bring a smile to your face and that you find joy in your life through your relationships, achievements, and all the little things. Your support means so much to my one-woman business! :)